The Chief Whip of Nigeria Senate, Professor Olusola Adeyeye has condemned the federal government for it’s failure to stop the carnage perpetrated on Nigerians by murderous Fulani herdsmen. The All Progressive Congress APC (APC) Senator who was a guest on Channels Television Sunday Politics Program, acknowledged that he is part of the government and said the federal government should be ashamed of herself for not bringing the killers to book.

In his response to a question on the claim by Benue state Governor that those behind the killings were well known and walking freely, the Senator said “Because of what you have just said that some of these people are known – I cannot verify that but if that is true, then shame on the Federal Government of Nigeria for not doing whatever it will take to have arrested this tragedy by now.

“I say this knowing fully well that I am also part of that government because my Party is in power, because I am the Chief Whip of the Senate of Nigeria and I’m praying that in the next few days, whatever it will take that this republic will summon the courage and the wisdom to put a decisive end to this nonsense”. Senator Adeyeye ruled out security in Nigeria by indicting the Nigeria Police of lacking the capacity to protect Nigerians from such attacks, hence the undeniable need for state Police. “There will never be security again in Nigeria until we have the courage to say there must be state police force”, the Senator said.

“If Nigerian Federalism must work, every unit of that federalism must have the means by which they can maintain security – The Nigerian Military, the Nigerian Police, they have probably done their best, but they have failed woefully. We must go back to what we had at independence, any region that did not want local police may not have it but any region that wanted it could have it. We must go back to that again,” he added.

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