Cobhams Asuquo has released a new single titled ‘Starlight’, a follow-up to the popular ‘One Hit’.

Speaking on the release, the award-winning producer and composer said that, Starlight is a love song dedicated to lovers and everyone hoping to find true love.

He described the song as a love letter to the starlight in his life. He said that:

“This song is for that Starlight in your life. Starlight is light reflected from the stars that illuminate your way. It never goes out, it’s there, day and night (the Sun is also a star).

“This song speaks to that. It’s my love letter, my ‘thank you’ for always being there.

“To the one who stayed when things were rough, to the one who encouraged when I was glum, to the one who noticed when I was off and to the one who caused me to hum (just so you know, stars hum). To the Starlights in our lives”.

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