The minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, has said that the federal government has saved over 17 billion naira from foreign trips, sitting allowances and souvenirs.

Mohammed disclosed this at a forum organised by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

According to him, the present administration introduced an efficiency unit in the ministry of finance to ensure that the resources of government were not squandered on “trivialised grants”.

The minister also said that the fight against corruption must not be based on the number of people that are jailed or prosecuted, but on efforts made by the government to curb corruption. He said that:

“We promised that we are going to fight corruption; people keep asking us what is your scorecard in corruption?

“Our scorecard in corruption must not be looked at just from the viewpoint of how many people have been arrested; how many have been prosecuted and how many have been jailed.

“In addition to whatever achievement we must have made in that respect, I think what is most important for the main time is the efforts this government has put in place to ensure that there is transparency in governance.

“This is to ensure that the resources of government actually go to government account and to ensure that it is actually used for the purpose of what it’s meant for.

“Another thing this government has achieved is that we introduced what is called an efficiency unit in the ministry of finance to ensure that the resources of government are not frittered on trivialised grants and excuses and today we saved about 17 billion naira from travels, souvenirs and sitting allowances”.

The minister also noted that the whistleblowing policy was another means employed by the current administration to fight corruption.

According to him, the policy has led to recoveries of 13.8 billion naira in tax evasion; 7.8 billion naira, 378 million dollars; and 27,200 pounds from public officials.

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