Afrobeat icon Femi Kuti has said he would love to die with a smile when it’s time to take his exit from the world. He said that he is not afraid of the eventuality of death.

The icon said this while speaking about his new album, ‘One People, One World’, at the listening party for his 10th studio album held on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja.

The Afrobeat icon said:

“I think it will inspire people, the title of the album says it. We have to understand that we are one people.

“The day I die, I want to die with a smile. I am 56 now, I am not afraid because I know it will eventually come”.

Explaining his stance on not actively listening to music in almost two decades, he said he yearns “to be original” and does not want to be influenced by other sounds.

“I have not listened to music since 2000. Of course, when you go to the mall or visit places, you hear music here and there but I never go out of my way to listen to music.

“In the beginning, it was my father who got me listening to music but I read a Miles Davis book, where he said, ‘I wanted to be original,’ so I stopped listening to music”.

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