Dr Sid, Mavin Records artiste, has said he fought to keep Mo’Hits together, and that he spent nights crying.

Mo’Hits Records, founded in 2004 and co-owned by D’banj and Don Jazzy was a force to be reckoned with.

However, the record label broke up in 2012, despite a string of group and individual hit songs as well as commercial success.

In an interview with Pulse, Dr Sid said:

”It was very difficult and it was very hurtful”.

“It was very painful because anybody that knows me knows that I am a team player. I will sacrifice my personal gain for the sake of the team.

“Next to D’banj in Mo Hits, there was nobody who could command a stage like Dr Sid, but I never was the guy who threw myself out there, I was all about how to make the team better”.

In the heat of the breakup, the ‘Surulere’ singer was often blamed for the team’s split. He said that:

“When somebody names you as the reason why something like that happened, it hurts especially when you know the truth”.

“For me, I fought hard to keep it together. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

“So for that situation to go down like that and people turn on me like that, I spent a lot of night crying and it really affected me in a lot of ways, but I have moved on”.

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