The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has made public the names of 34 of its members who were allegedly shot dead by soldiers between October 27 and October 30, 2018.

You will recall that IMN members clashed with soldiers in Abuja last week.

In a statement it released on Sunday, November 4, 2018, the group accused soldiers of murder, demanding an investigation into the matter.

According to the IMN, the list would be updated to accommodate the names of others yet to be identified.

It said that most of the dead were buried in Zaria, Kaduna state, while family members claimed the bodies of others.

The defence headquarters had said only three Shias were killed during violent protests, saying the army only acted in self defence.

Find below the list of the 42 Shia protesters allegedly killed by soldiers:

  • Abdulaziz Ibrahim (Maigana, Kaduna State)
  • Rabi’u Abdulwahab (Malumfashi, Katsina State)
  • Minka’ilu Shu’aibu (Kudan, Kaduna State)
  • Muhammad Hussain (Sokoto, Sokoto State)
  • Abdu Dijana (Suleja, Niger State)
  • Ukasha Dayyabu (Madalla, Niger State)
  • Faru’q Ahmad Garba
  • Sulaima SK
  • Muhammad Soje
  • Fatima Yahaya Musa
  • Malam Abu Qasim (Gaji, Bauchi State)
  • Surajo Adam (Garu, Borno State)
  • Ja’afar Yusuf (Keffi, Nasarawa State)
  • Saeed Adamu (Awe, Nasarawa State)
  • Lawal Ibrahim (Tudun Baushe Maraban Kafanchan, Kaduna State)
  • Kamal Muhammad Haruna (Kaduna, Kaduna State)
  • Al-Kasim Minka’il
  • Huzaifa Musa
  • Abdulaziz Haruna (Bauchi, Bauchi State)
  • Muhammad Sani Awwal (Bauchi, Bauchi State)
  • Zangina Muhammad Garba (Bauchi, Bauchi State)
  • Isma’il Shu’aibu Alramma (Bauchi, Bauchi State)
  • Aliuu Munnir (Mutum Biyu, Taraba State)
  • Hamisu Muhammad (Zaria, Kaduna State)
  • Abbas Muhammad
  • Munnir Muhammad (Samaru Zaria, Kaduna State)
  • Sa’id Zubairu (Maraba Abuja, FCT)
  • Abdullahi Sabo Muhammad (Yauri, Kebbi State)
  • Umar Abdullahi
  • Mansur Lawal (Bauchi, Bauchi State)
  • Umar Abdullahi Dogon Haris (Adamawa State)
  • Abubakar Dadda’u (Gombe, Gombe State)
  • Imrana Abdullahi

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