One look at the fake eyelashes I held in my right hand, I knew it was not literally a treasure, neither was buying it a wise investment. Investments are desirable as long as they are for the right reason, and a good investment should presumably yield good dividends, but some investments just turn out to be a waste of time and money and do not produce benefits. For instance, some people invest a large fraction of their life savings by searching for perfection through beauty products. However, some questions one may be tempted to ask are, can perfection be bought with money? Is perfection the same as true beauty.? Are beauty products treasures to behold.?
Caught in this web myself, here is my revelation!

“Give me the right foundation for my color” I said to the shop attendant, I don’t think I picked the right colour for my skin from the ones I got last week… give me the pink lipstick, the red one and the orange one, the perfect matifying primer, the blue, brown and green eye shadow … and.. the list goes on and on, and never ends. When I paid the shop attendant and handed my shopping bag to my son, he tugged at me and said “mum?”
“Yes dear” I answered
“Are all these yours?
“Yes dear!” I replied with a smile on my face, one glance at him and I instantly knew that was not the reply he expected to hear. I knew that even as young as he is, he was disappointed at the investment I had just made.
What exactly am I imbibing in my son?
I say to him all the time, “you must have savings and you must invest wisely” but there I was, putting my treasure in a basket .
Shouldn’t I do as I preach?

These days by the time most women leave their homes, a lot would have been splashed on their faces to attain the so called perfect finish (Perfect look). An insatiable appetite for physical perfection has driven humans to extend their search into harmful and dangerous forays. Our search for physical perfection comes in different elements , some search for the perfect hair, the perfect eyelashes, the perfect nails, the perfect skin, and the perfect figure, to mention just a few, but ironically perfection can not be bought.

In a nut shell, perfection is just a perception. Recently I brought down a bag I had hung on the closet door where I had my collection of hair weaves that I had bought over the years, and that got me thinking. We spend so much money, energy, and time investing in the wrong PROJECT. I Remember clearly when the craze was for human hair, Brazilian hair, Moravian hair, Indian hair, you name it., it was a must, to have one of those for most women, not minding the cost. We all strived to buy at least one set of real human hair, not even bothering about where the hair came from.

I was crazy about the hair , and so were a lot of other women. The men also felt the pinch, since they had to foot most of the bills as the Ladies kept asking for more money to buy more and more, so much that most of them almost forgot how to wear their natural hair and despite the fact that we spent so much money buying the different hair types, it did not in anyway help our natural hair grow longer or thicker, instead, it damaged our hair because of the lack of air.

Today the demand is to have a so called flawless face. Manufacturers of Make Up are coming up with new brands and new techniques. In my search for the perfect hair I had spent a lot of money buying different hair weaves that I have no use for anymore. Now I am about to do the same with the Facial make up, except that now I apply caution.
So the question is, why? Why spend so much money, time and effort on things that don’t last. The margin has widened, and even though a lot of Nigerian women are wearing their natural hair right now, there is still the need to have the perfect ‘Make Up’ to enhance the face, and the perfect make up does not come cheap. It costs a lot of money to buy Foundation, Press powder, Conciller, Mascara, Brow Pencil, etc., But do these things truly enhance our beauty or are they just a way of making us invest wrongly. Like putting treasure in a basket where it would easily leak through the holes.

Does the perfect make up, the more expensive bags, the clothes or shoes make us more acceptable. Does the more expensive bag make you more confident than you really are? Shouldn’t we be confident in just who we are?
Could it be that our search for perfection in our physical appearance is actually a search for acceptance? Sometime ago, a friend of mine and I invested in a deal that went bad. I made that investment based on the assurance I was given by my friend who was a banker at the time, because I felt that since she was in the system she knew what was right, but the deal went wrong with the stocks we invested in, and my husband had to bail me out. It turned out that instead of receiving dividends, I had to pay off interest to the bank.

Wrong investments will only drain and exhaust you. True Beauty and perfection, no matter how much we try, can never be bought with money. True beauty or acceptance starts from who we are and how we see ourselves. What makes a woman beautiful is what she is inside. I know a lot has been said about issues like this, but the fact is that we were made beautiful. No matter what your shape or size is or your skin or hair color may be, you are naturally made beautiful. After all, humans can not make themselves , and the Maker made you just the way you are, or were.
Be wise, and invest your money in things that are worthwhile. When you spend on yourself, do so because you really want to, not because you want to be accepted by society.

A little foundation, mascara and lipstick here and there is alright, but you don’t have to invest so much on them during these lean times as if they are expected to yield lasting results. I have learnt that to do things in moderation, is always better. No one can love you until you love yourself first.

No matter how hard we try to put up a good outward appearance in consonance with the demand of society, if our inside is bad and evil, it will show in due course. No one can love you, until you love and accept your self as a branded product by the maker tagged ‘PERFECT AS IS’.

Thank you for reading my article.

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4 thoughts on “IS THIS A TREASURE???

  • September 8, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    I really love this. True treasure is indeed never found on the surface. Nice article!!!

  • September 8, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I really love this ‘treasure’ of an article.

  • September 8, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    As I was reading your captivating
    Article,I couldn’t help but reflect on the Word of God which aptly describes our personality at creation…
    “I will praise You, for I am
    fearfully and WONDERFULLY
    made;MARVELOUS are Your
    works,And that my soul knows very well”. (Psalm 139:14)

    you beautifully Shared your reflections regarding where true treasure resides thanks a lot ,I would like to add that being fearfully made speaks of a Perfect or Treasurable Creation from the start …made by God to inspire Awe and bring HIM glory and honor thus any fashion craving that becomes en snaring is ungodly.

    Truth is you said it all, real beauty is in the natural simple shapes and shades of life,real men and women treasure modest ,natural beauty and character above all the artificial add-ons occasioned by societal pressures and “need to belong to a particular class ” like the chasing of an insatiable high!

    I pray the Lord to free our women and men more and more to from this seeming bondage and show us the beauty of Godly contentment which is a product of true Spiritual and emotional maturity. God bless you for your impacting works!

  • September 9, 2016 at 8:33 am

    I love this article. We must place value on our God given endowment and not tie our confidence and prestige on materialistic stuff. Like the writer rightly opined, such expenses are not investments. The African especially Nigerian ladies need reeducation on self confidence and the philosophy of black nationalism


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