Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Christ’s Faith to weigh all conversation and filter all thoughts under the sun.

Graceful Reading!

The philosophy of lust is MORE; more of things present – an abundance of things present – but at the expense of the soul. The philosophy of Faith is MORE; more of things to come – an abundance of the substances/things of the world to come – for the saving of your soul.

One reason why this generation would not be forgotten in a hurry by posterity is because of the legacy it would leave behind – through faithful and wise saints who would bear the responsibility of making sin unpopular in their lives! By consistently esteeming the commandment or Law of Faith and Love above their necessary food – like we saw in Job, known and unknown sin(s) would gradually loose its strength, and they would be empowered to put it far from their tabernacle. Like Paul and other apostles, they’ll use their feet (i.e. faith and love walk) to write a biography of sin. (Job 22:22-23/23:12).

There is a natural quest and zest in man to own things, and as legitimate as that is or seems, it sometimes conflicts with a wisdom in God that would rather have every potential son make use of such things without necessarily owning them, especially in some seasons, and when God has tamed that desire, such things would come as addition. When we live supernaturally, things would naturally seek us.

This world is at home with every civilian; with those whose disposition is to live like civilians do – those who can do without the shield of faith for a moment, whether at home, or in the battle field, or while recreating or socializing. The day our faith shield goes beyond arm’s length – that day we become a cheap prey for our enemy (2Sam. 11:1-4/Judges 7:5-6/Eph. 6:16/2Tim. 2:3-4).

If the Lord hasn’t exposed soulish infirmities like the love of money etc. and that on several occasions, then our souls haven’t been redeemed from all of such. When He gradually exposes such to us, He’ll have to walk us through seasons where He’ll deal with every affection and grip that they have upon our souls until we develop a passionate distaste for what they vainly represent in themselves. (Col. 3:1-2/1Jn. 2:15).

A man whose soul has been well fed on Christ’s face, and has been chastened with His rod, and has had his human strength pruned, and has become contrite at heart like David and Jacob later were, needs the comfort of a staff. The comforter (Spirit of Truth) would keep comforting him with Truth (goodness/Christ) until he can embark on a journey with the staff to the Father of Truth, where he’ll be blessed with God’s countenance and experience the greatest comfort called mercy. Such a one would fear no evil because he has changed his source of life, and goodness and mercy; even the Son and Father, would follow him always. (Isa. 66:2/Ps. 23/Heb. 11:21/13:6/Num. 6:24-27, Jn. 14:23).

There is a deception among not a few believers that makes many believe they only have to “make it to heaven” even when their souls have a make-up likeable to wood, hay or stubble. Unknown to many, time is a gift to learn eternity and a season when we are to build ourselves with against this world, with revelations – i.e. gold, silver and precious stones! It is faster to learn and inherit things when they are unseen; when Christ’s Faith is unveiling things to come, when the devil and his cohorts are still available to be overcome. (1Cor. 3:10-15/Jn. 16:13-15).

When parents keep or live by the commandments of the New Testament before the eyes of their kids, they would someday be inspired to embrace Christ and the transformation He offers. Their obedience would speak! When parents are too busy to do so, their kids, like them, would hardly escape being conformed to this world while religiously following their parent’s religion. Their disobedience would also speak! (Ps. 19:5-11)

Seasons after a believer subscribes to the hearing and keeping of Christ’s Faith, he would get an attention from the devil like he previously did not; an attention of tempting voices and persecution from lovers of this world. So such a one must be armed with the scriptures of truth, be open to counsel, should have enough spiritual trash bins around him and must be quick to thrash all such thoughts, lest he meditate on them, get persuaded or offended or become wrongly enlightened like Eve was, and/or transgress like Adam did. (Matt. 13:20-21)

Like we have introduction to mathematics, mathematics and further mathematics, so also do we have the milk of the word (i.e. children’s bread/blessings of God’s hand – Matt. 15:26/1Cor. 3:2a/Isa. 8:17/Eph. 1:15), the meat of the word (i.e. Christ’s doctrine/face ministry – 1Cor. 3:2b/2Cor.3:18), and strong meat of the word (i.e. God’s mystery/perfection – Col. 2:2d/Heb. 5:14/6:1b). So there is an introduction to the gospel (or experiences that prepares us for the gospel), then the actual gospel that publishes peace (brings us into Christ), and then the gospel that publishes (soul) salvation – i.e. that will crown us with glory/God. Only if we can be weaned from our former sustenance, would we experience these weightier matters of truth that should raise us to become little children, then sons, and ultimately fathers in the kingdom. (Isa, 28:9, 52:7, Rom. 10:15, 1Jn. 2:12-14)


Pst. Tayo Fasan

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