On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, Mr Eazi launched his Empawa project to uplift emerging African artistes by sponsoring their videos and music projects.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Eazi highlighted the essence of the project, the inspiration behind it and how artistes could benefit from it. He said that:

“Basically people have funded videos for me. Like ‘Skin Tight’ for instance, I didn’t pay the full cost because my director funded it halfway and that has been happening since I came into the scene.

“I have been low-key helping people just like people helped me and this time I just said, let’s turn it into something”.

According to him, 100 upcoming artistes will be helped by the Empawa project for a start.

On the criteria for selecting artistes, Mr. Eazi said:

“All emerging artistes need to do is put up great content on Instagram with the hashtag #Empawa100. It can be a video of you rapping or a video of you singing”.

Speaking on the issue of continuity considering the financial cost of the project, the singer said he has partnered with BETPower, a mobile betting company.

The Empawa facilitators will include Diplo of Major Lazer, international superstar DJ/producer, Nigerian producer E Kelly, UK singer & songwriter Raye, Guilty Beatz and Fred Gibbson.

At the launch it was announced that 10 artistes will accompany Mr Eazi to South Africa for a mentorship programme where they will be coached and given the opportunity to work with producers and “hopefully get further investment”.

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