I was just minding my business, or at least so I thought, as l sat down reading a book in the waiting room of my son’s school in Lekki, waiting to pick him up after classes and take him home. As I glanced at my wristwatch l realised how long I had to wait, just then two women walked in and sat right next to me. They were seated so close to me, that I could not help but hear their conversation, which was actually rather loud.

They talked endlessly about how life has supposedly not been fair and one of them lamented about how it was almost impossible to exist with the way things were.
now that caught my attention, I was curious to know what the situation was having being touched by their loud lamentations, so that I could probably give a word of advise.
So, I lifted my head up from the book I was reading and stared at one of the women directly, and I was immediately invited into the conversation when she noticed my concerned facial expressions, My sister see o… She began…

It turned out to be a very depressing conversation with someone I perceived as ungrateful and not deserving anything from God. (My opinion not God’s)after one of the women had finished expressing her thoughts about God, the other woman picked up from where the other stopped, She also kept complaining about not having enough food at home and that the children did not have a new and very nice car to convey them to school, the current car she said was not befitting enough, she was also upset that the new car her husband promised to get for her, had still not been bought, and in the same vein, the tenant in one of the three houses her husband bought for her, was yet to pay his yearly rent, then she broke down and started sobbing. See me see wahala..! who blames God for stuff like that?
(Lekki wives?). Ah!
At one point while she was still lamenting I felt like getting up from where I sat and giving her a very good slap, to bring her back to her senses…but thank God I am not God..! because if I was God, I would have dealt harshly with her and other ungrateful souls like her.

For crying out loud..! there are many people out there who do not have a roof over their heads, some sleep under bridges and quite frankly they were not born to be there or that way, but ended up there because they probably made the wrong choices of life or being processed for greatness in humble places of life, and for others it was perhaps inevitable, yet they still wake up every day with renewed hope and faith, thanking God for just being alive ! But here is someone who owns three Houses and is still blaming God..? for not answering her prayers quickly enough, over the rent not yet paid by one of her tenants in one of her three houses.? If I may ask, who made the other two tenants pay their rent on time? wasn’t it God?

Our God is awesome, He is very patient and extremely understanding. His love for us makes Him appear to be slow to take action against us even when we are clearly and senselessly wrong. Little wonder King David of Isreal said “I’m in a desperate situation!” David replied to Gad. “But let us fall into the hands of the LORD, for his mercy is great. Do not let me fall into human hands.” (2samuel 24:14) it was better for him to be punished by God Himself than by man.
Isn’t it wonderful to know that your God does not take decisions just because He wants to, but because it is the right thing for the individual concerned?
We have a good God.!!! Our God will not strike us dead just because we were supposed to wake up at six in the morning and pray to Him but instead we end up waking up at ten and He still understandably accepts our prayers even when it’s late or inconsistent, just as long as it is presented to Him from a thankful heart in Spirit and the truthfulness of purpose! God is perfect and God is the truth.!
Imagine all the disasters that the world would have had to bear if man was God, besides there would have been no end to wicked people and We would have to contend with the likes of Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon,
Idi-Amin, and our own Sani Abacha and many others of their kind, who were power drunk without control..! with this drunken nature of being absolutely powerful they fell into the trap of manipulating and Corruptly imposing their will on the people..! but as
for our Loving God even though He made all things He hardly forces His will on us.
For instance, He allows us to choose how we want to serve Him, He allows us to choose if we want to serve Him or not, and even when we do not choose Him and we fall into danger, He still sends His angels to save us. If I were God, people would pay for not believing and trusting in me.
If I were God, I would have destroyed all the corrupt people in Nigeria, if I were God all naked women on the streets who say they have clothes on, but are practically walking around with clothes as small as handkerchiefs on them and those who even go to the house of God like that, would be put away in prison for a few years of reformation, to serve as an example and also stem the increase of immorality, fornication and adultery. if I were God all evil people would be destroyed without delay just like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia who show no mercy on hard drug traffickers !!! but… thank God I am not God.!

If I were God some school teachers would be put in prison for destroying the morale and self esteem of some of their students. Those teachers who should not even be near any child, but find themselves with a great number of children to mentor and teach. However, because of their lack of knowledge of child psychology and the fear of God end up destroying those children instead of nurturing them the right way, some even apply abusive and vulgar language on those little children who are in their care, If I were God, they would be punished for accepting jobs that they clearly knew they couldn’t handle yet took it up just for the money.
If I were God cheating husbands and wives would have to pay for the curses they bring upon their children from their lack of satisfaction from one partner and lack of self control.
If I were God people would pay dearly for their lack of respect towards Me(God) the Creator of all things, they would pay for ignoring My commandments, My voice, and for listening to the devil instead. They would pay for crimes such as abortion and kidnapping, they would pay for killing their neighbour instead of loving them, they would pay for injecting drugs into their veins just to get high, thereby destroying the beautiful body God gave them.
People would pay dearly for smoking, for eating too much, and ending up in an untimely death.
People would pay, and pay and pay!!!… But thank God, I am not God and He is God because He is good, He is perfect and compassionate, He is understanding and forgiving. He tolerates our foolishness and even the ungrateful ones still get blessings from Him.

Tell me why should a woman who owns shops for instance, has many houses for lease and four beautiful children and also, has a husband who earns a good pay and adores her and her children, a man who takes care of her needs still be blaming God for the things she is yet to get from Him..?
If I were God I would strongly punish greedy people for their lack of contentment.
Sometimes we are too much in a hurry to blame God for the great things that He has given to us, out of his kindness. You just got a tokunboh car, but instead of being grateful to Him for giving you that, you’d rather blame Him for not giving you a brand new one.
We blame Him for giving us used cars instead of new ones, we blame Him for giving us dark skin instead of being fair skinned We blame Him for making us pay rent instead of owning a house.. Shouldn’t we be thankful instead to Him for giving a roof over our heads ?
Watch yourself for instance for signs of arrogance or subtle pride making you brag to others that you have fifty Louis Vuitton bags! for example.
Thank God I am Not God!!! For I would have ended up in hell Myself for being this angry over a conversation that was not really my business …Ha ha ha ha ! But wait … God is a righteous Judge!
We have to be thankful to God always for all He has done for us and for everything we have!
We are Not worthy of those things but He gave us anyway that’s why God alone is worthy of our praises, THANK GOD I AM NOT GOD.!!!?

2 thoughts on “THANK GOD I AM NOT GOD!!!

  • January 12, 2017 at 12:45 am

    This is a blessing! the writer aptly speaks to the soul of every class of our society with her trademark simplicity and gracefulness that inspires a positive attitudenal change for the good of all.,thank you TheLinkng ! fresh blessings to your work thoughout 2017.

  • January 12, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Well said. Man is quite vindictive and quick to react, but our God is a patient and merciful God whose mercies are New every morning. Nice Article


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