A national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at the APC Lagos presidential rally told party supporters to vote against Atiku Abubakar using their index finger during the February 16, 2019 presidential election.

Speaking at the Teslim Balogun stadium, Sululere, during the APC presidential campaign mega rally, Asiwaju Tinubu told the people not to use their thumbs in order to avoid spilling ink on the space meant for other parties, thus voiding their votes.

According to him, with over 70 presidential candidates printed on the ballot paper, there will be little space allocated to each party.

He advised party supporters to arrive at their polling booths early, taking with them sandwiches including beans cake and roasted plantain.

According to him, should they encounter problems with their fingerprints, they should keep trying until it is recognised. He said:

“Today is the day I want to teach papa deceiving pikin a lesson. Today, I want to teach Atiku a lesson.

“Give your PVC to them, if they say it can’t capture your fingerprint, try again. If it rejects you, try again. Don’t leave. It’s your right.

“But to print seventy something ballot, you know the space will now become small, so don’t use this thumb, don’t use it. We are in the classroom of voting. Use this finger, index finger. Use the finger you use to lick soup.

“Go to that ink, and go to that space and put it, blow it. Look for broom symbol o, don’t put it on top of the broom. That will be a void vote. Put it in that small space and leave and stand by until they count your vote. Because if you use your thumb finger, it will spill over to another line. They said they will void the vote. If you use too much ink, a blot to another party creates a problem”.

Asiwaju Tinubu told the people to come out en masse and vote for candidates of the APC at all levels.

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