To say that Nigeria is a hostage to bandits, Fulani herdsmen and the boko haram Islamic terrorist organisation is a clear understatement.

In 2016, Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), a former President of the Nigeria Bar Association said that Nigeria was in a state of a low grade civil war. At the time  It sounded like an over statement, but only the presidential spokesmen or the Buhari campaign organisation’s spokesman can dispute this fact. Realistically speaking, Nigeria is presently in a high grade civil war and the unending massacre of Nigerians is an attestation to that fact. Nigeria is currently a massive killing field soaked with the blood of thousands of Nigerians, with no boundaries or deterrent to the killers. It’s a’killing continua in the midst of a seeming indifference from Buhari and his service chiefs.

On 27th of December 2018, Thecable newspaper in its Editorial stated that “3,000 Nigerians had been killed by so called bandits in Zamfara state alone in 2018 and at least N1.2 billion had been paid as ransom to secure the release of those abducted during the period. The activities of armed groups have rendered thousands homeless and destroyed the livelihood of farmers and herders”, unquote. Amnesty International claimed in a report that 50 Nigerians were massacred in the last two weeks in three local government areas alone. Yet our politicians and government officials have continued their lives and political campaigns as if  nothing happened. Surprisingly our president and commander in chief of the armed forces only recently visited Zamfara .

Curiously, the President in his campaign document tagged Next Level said his government has made tremendous progress stalling the activities of these so called bandits. The evidence on the ground proves otherwise. The bandits are having a field day, they are continually looting, raping, killing and razing entire communities. Over 1,700 people were recently displaced  in Tsafe local government area alone. While Buhari was bent on visiting Akwa Ibom for his campaign, he did not think  it wise to visit this state where thousands of Nigerians have seen their lives and means of livelihood cut off abruptly.

A CNN and New York Times July 26th 2018 publication of the International Crisis Group (ICG) Report tagged “Stopping Nigeria’s Spiralling Farmer-Herder Violence”, states that over 1,300 Nigerians were massacred by Fulani herdsmen from January2018 –June 2018. No one was arrested and nobody prosecuted for the violence and massacre, no government policy was formulated to address it and no inquest was launched into the remote causes of the continuing violence with the aim of stopping it. My guess is that more Nigerians were killed in the second half of the year.

The casualty figure for boko haram attacks is not yet out but one thing is certain; it is far higher than the figures for bandit’s attacks in Zamfara state and Fulani herdsmen attacks in mostly North central Nigeria. These boko haram attacks are carried out almost on a daily basis in multiple states. From Benue to Kaduna, hundreds of Nigerians have been massacred in their places of worship, homes and communities. Hundreds of Nigerian soldiers have been slaughtered by these barbaric Islamists with nothing but a deafening silence from Buhari.

An estimated 12 million Nigerians have lost their jobs since Buhari became president according to figures from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS), and the numbers of job loses is showing no sign of abating, yet Garba Shehu said Buhari has created 12 million agro related jobs, an obvious lie, which was validated by a recent NBS job data. With record numbers of Nigerian civilians and security officials dying every day from the bullets of bandits, Fulani herdsmen and boko haram terrorists, coupled with millions of Nigerian losing their jobs and means of livelihood, it is fair to say that Nigeria is currently a vast killing field, where the citizens lives and means of economic livelihood is constantly being cut off at its prime.

With all of this, Buhari wants to take us to the Next Level. The Next Level of unemployment?The Next Level of the massacre of thousands of Nigerians?  If this level is this bad you can only imagine the horror when Buhari does not have to seek for another election. Buhari and his cohorts have taken Nigeria to a new economic and security low. Our lives have never been so cheap; we have never seen this type of killings, massacre and suffering since the Nigeria civil war. This government has delivered on nothing while taking propaganda to a new height. Propaganda won’t cut it in 2019. Balarabe Musa, Second republic governor of Kaduna state said he opposed Buhari’sbecause he thought of him and his political gang fascist and he has been proven right. Nigeria is in bondage. 


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