By Eromosele Odijie

A British Professor was quoted to have implied that the normal rule of development does not apply to Africans. The tolerance of Nigerians and the impunity at the corridors of power defies human logic. It appears that the culture of holding people responsible for their actions is completely absent when elite Nigerians are involved.

The appointment of Kemi Adeosun as finance commissioner in Ogun state in 2011 was subject to confirmation by the state house of assembly. The verification of her mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) discharge certificate or certificate of exemption is a cardinal point in the verification process. The legislators usually get written confirmation from the NYSC to authenticate such certificates before appointments are confirmed. This, according to extant law is a mandatory legal requirement for such an appointment.

If Governor Ibikunle Amosun and his cohorts in Ogun state did not verify the document because of logistical bottlenecks, then the Senate of the federal republic of Nigeria must. But in the case of her nomination to the Senate as finance minister, it is evident that the Department of State Services (DSS) provided a written clearance to authenticate a forged document.

There are strong indications that the Senators knew about the certificate. In an April 20th 2018 publication, premium times published a story involving an alleged 10 billion Naira fraud between the Senate Bukola Saraki led Senate and the Yakubu Dogara led House of Representatives. A glance at the story reveals an unusual level of cooperation between messers Saraki, Dogara and Kemi Adeosun.

The finance minister specifically released all funds to finance hundreds of projects smuggled into the budgets by the questionable circumstances, and she went ahead to release billions on the orders of Saraki and Dogara. I asked myself at the time that why on earth would Kemi open our vault for these political buccaneers?

As a Nigerian that spent one year serving my country, I am offended that this arrogant British trained economist jettisoned the NYSC and succeeded in getting an appointment on the back of a fake document. As a Nigerian in the diaspora, I am even more offended by the excuses she gave for not undergoing the scheme.

As expected, in her letter, she blamed everybody but herself for her actions. Her letter smacks of complete disrespect of Nigeria, and rightly so. Having graduated in her 20’s, she is not eligible for an exemption and she knows it. She succeeded in getting away with forging a federal government document to fraudulently acquire a position in Nigeria.

This lady rose to the position of our finance minister, formulated fiscal policies and allegedly funded corrupt contracts by the legislators on account of a forged document. Can that be contemplated in England?The fact is that she did not do it alone. She had support from the Senate, the DSS and from Governor Amosun whose responsibility it was to confirm the authenticity of her forged certificate.

Kudos to premium times for a job well done in investigative journalism. The process of confirming the authenticity of an NYSC certificate can be completed in 24 hours, yet it took Buhari and his lacklustre team 60 days to conclude an investigation that could be concluded in 24 hours.

Kemi Adeosun knew from the onset that her certificate was surreptitiously acquired. She masterminded it. She never had the audacity to deny the report and yes, Buhari and his handlers knew as well, at least when the story broke. Why did Buhari not act on time? Did he make this decision now because of political expediency?

Why is Adeosun not in handcuffs attending court sessions? Our laws clearly described her actions as grievous that merits a 14 year jail sentence in the event of a conviction. Why is there no inquest on how she successfully wangled her way to get so high a position on the basis of a fake document? Why are Nigerians not calling for her head and that of her enablers? Why is there no investigation in the DSS on its role in this saga? Nigeria is truly a failed state

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