Aramide, Nigerian Afro-soul singer, has said that she does not hold extremist views.

She however said that she is a committed believer in the equality and equal rights for women.

In an interview with HipTV, she said that:

“For me, I think it depends on what we are fighting for but I believe in equality and I believe in the rights of women and women getting what’s due to them. It all depends but I am not an extremist in anything but I believe in equality and equal rights for women”.

Speaking on her collaboration with Timaya on ‘Fall on Them’, she said:

“I chose Timaya for several reasons, I thought he was the best person that would deliver on the song because of the topic I was talking about.

“Fall on Them is a song that talks about enemies of progress and I know Timaya has sung about that a lot so I felt that since he has been in that place, he would be the best person to deliver on the song and he did.

“Fall on Them is a song that talks about enemies, people that don’t wish you well but smile in your face. I’m sure we all have them around us, this is just me singing and talking about it because there are certain things we don’t get to talk about and I felt that as an artiste, I had the opportunity to talk about it”.

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